How to Choose the Right Undergarment?

Undergarment is supposed to bring confidence in you, and not make you feel itchy, scratchy, uncomfortable, or unflattering. Do not confuse between fashion and comfort – both of them are important, but it is always important to choose comfort over fashion or just try to make a balance between the two. This article will help you make right choices that will leave you feeling comfortable and look fashionable at the same time with everything you wear.

Choose the Right Size

Comfort is all about fit. If your undergarment rides up, pinches, or pulls up, then your life is going to be unpleasant. Get a proper fitting if you are purchasing bras as they affect almost everything you wear. Adjust the straps to check if it fits you well. Compare your hip and waist size to the size charts of underpants as you cannot try and buy them. Do not try to choose one size smaller undergarments that are a little tight for your body – they will show through to your cloths and make you look awful. So, be honest to yourself, and wear undergarments that make you fill comfortable.

Choose the Right Fabric

Your undergarment comes with direct contact with your body, so the fabric you choose has to be really comfortable, easy-to-breathe, sweat-proof, non-scratchy, and smooth, which makes you feel wonderful. Cotton is the best choice for all time – they are even easy to wash. Silk and satin are sexy and good too, though not recommended for everyday wear as they need handwashing. You can also choose from high quality polyesters, cashmere, microfiber, and Lycra. You can go for blends that are comfortable and fashionable too. Try to avoid any low-quality fiber. Always feel the material before you buy them.

Choose the Right Design

Bras come in a wide range of different cuts, shapes, styles and sizes. Whether you want to go for strapless, convertible, halter, lined, push-up, underwired, soft-padded, heavy-padded, racerback, demi-bra, seamless or front closure, all depends on which dress you are going to wear on it and if that style fits your breastsize. For underpants, there are thongs, bikinis, boy shorts, G-strings, tap pants, briefs, boxer shorts, etc. Mostly undergarments that do not cut through your arms and thighs, for example, seamless bras or boy shorts, are preferably comfortable – but again each and every style is different, and there is nothing right or wrong about it – it is you who have to decide what works best for you.

Final Tips

Say no to undergarments that have too tight elastic bands that can actually constrict blood flow and cause skin irritation. Do not forget to remove tags from your undergarments after buying them, as these tags can cause scratching issues on your skin. Take good care of your undergarments if you want them to last long and provide you comfort for a long time. Finally, do not forget to buy new, fresh undergarments in at least every 3-6 months. Choose organic underwear that supports organic fabric that is grown without pesticides – your skin will thank you for this. A good pair of undergarments leaves no marks on your body, and leaves you feeling fresh all day and long.

Front Hook or Back Hook?

Are you still not sure which bra hook to choose from? Sometimes it may be difficult for you to reach at the back and close the hook, so you may tend to prefer front closure bra, but sometimes you may feel that the front closure does not fit your breasts properly, so you may need to opt for a back closure one. This article may help you decide which style is good for you.

Pros of Front Closure Bras

Front closure bras zip, latch or close in the front, so it is a huge convenience for those who find it really difficult to reach the hands at back. Front closure bras come in different styles that are simply pretty and sexy. You can pick a front close longline bra as formalwear, or pick a front close bra with more structure for work, maybe a seamless or molded cup front bra if you are wearing T-shirts, or some lacy and low-cut front closure bras for a date night. There are also post-surgery and compression front close bras that are highly recommended after surgeries and for women with dexterity or mobility issues and other medical constraints. They also come in wider set cups that are ideal for wide-set breasts. No hook at the back makes the back look smooth.

Cons of Front Closure Bras

There is really no good reason for not having a front closure bra in your wardrobe. But still, few disadvantages that can be framed out are maybe women who need an anchored and supportive center panel cannot feel happy wearing front closure bras. Women who have band size fluctuations and whose size is just between band sizes will have difficulty wearing front closure bras. Even these bras will not give a good fit to women with splayed breasts or close set breasts or symmastia. The life of bra is less due to the non-adjustability of bands.

Pros of Back Closure Bras

Back closure bras give better breast support than front closure breasts, so they are ideal for women with pendulous breasts, full breasts or heavy breasts. They are also recommended for women with symmastia, close set breasts or splayed breasts. They give a more traditional shaping to the breasts. The life of bra is more than front closure bras. They are really easy to find as they are widely available in the market.

Cons of Back Closure Bras

If you have problem with your hands reaching at the back to close the hook of the bra, then back closure bras are not for you. Many back closure bras cause a slight hump at the back that can be seen from your T-shirt or body-hugging clothes.

Overall Verdict

Many full-busted women like the look and feel of front-closure bras because of the smooth back silhouette and easier to wear features. But as they do not last long because of the inability to adjust their sizes, they have become a high reason of customer dissatisfaction, which is why bra manufacturers have limited their supply, so they are hard to find. Back closure bras are more popular, give better shapes to your breasts and last longer. So you can wear them on an everyday basis if you do not have mobility issues but also have some front-closure bras in your wardrobe for occasional purposes.

Wired and Unwired Bra: Ups and Downs of Both

Every woman needs a different type of bra due to their different sizes and shapes. Different factors play the role – fabric, color, design, style, fit, support, comfort, etc. While the primary function of bras is to provide support, but many of them have secondary function too – that is to enhance the appearance of your busts or the outfit you wear. The most popular debate is between wired and unwired bra – which one is a better choice? This article will go through the pros and cons of both and let you decide.

Pros of Unwired Bra

The greatest benefit of unwired bra is the comfort and freedom. The looser and freer feeling of an unwired bra is incomparable. The second-most comfortable thing for your breasts is to put them in an unwired bra, the first one being bra-less of course. As there is no underwire to bend or break, unwired bras last longer and are easy to care of. They are also perfect for post-surgery situations in case you have undergone any medical condition on the breast area or around your breasts. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, unwired bras are friendly to your sensitive and sore breasts.

Cons of Unwired Bra

For A and B cups, support has never been much of a problem, but when it comes to C and D cups, support has always been a major problem for bras without underwire in them. The proper lift and support is very difficult to get in such bras. The proper shape of the breasts cannot easily be seen wearing an underwire bra, as the bridge at the center front always pulls away without anything to keep them on shape.

Pros of Wired Bras

The thin rigid material sewn into the underside of the cup of the bra helps you to enhance the appearance of your breasts. It increases the feminine look on you by maintaining the shape of the bra and giving round appearance to each of your breasts. By providing such good support to the breasts, wired bras enhance the fitting of your outfit. As larger breasts are heavier and need extra support, wired bras are the savior for them. If you want to show that perfect cleavage off, you need to wear a wired bra.

Cons of Wired Bra

You have to compromise with the comfort if you decide to wear a wired bra. The rigidity of the underwire can be really uncomfortable sometimes. The wire can also bend or break through the fabric of the bra and poke your skin – so wired bras do not last longer as they need to be replaced once this happens. These bras are totally not encouraged to wear during lactation and breastfeeding as they can cause clogged milk ducts.

You Are the Judge

It is better to have a mix of both the styles in your lingerie wardrobe so that you can wear the one that suits your mood and fits the purpose. You can fly free wearing an unwired bra under loose fitting clothing, whereas when you have to wear body huggers, go for the wired ones for that enhanced appearance and support.

Camisole – Inner wear to Trendy outfit

The camisole, or cami in short, has become an essential part of women’s wardrobe. Haven’t you marveled at how cute you look in cami? Haven’t you wished for going out wearing a cami? You have always wished that and now it is true as camisole has evolved from just an inner-wear to a trendy outfit. Its skinny straps and simple design has a lot of potential – here is how.

Casual Weekends

For those casual weekends, if you think your lacey cami tops can look more like lingerie than an outfit, then tone down its vulgarity by pairing it with a printed bomber jacket. Wear a pair of high-waisted denim shorts with the combination to downplay the sex appeal of the lacey cami top. Reach the extra mile by accessorizing yourself with a cool woven hat. Keep your feet happy with sneakers.

Family Outing

It is a family outing and you have to reduce the show of your flesh. Pair your cami top with those skinny jeans. The sexiness of your V-neck camisole top can be well balanced with the denim pants. You can don a boxy coat and put those printed pumps on to add a little more dash of trend. This will also increase the volume of your look.

Day Date

How about wearing your cami top with A-line and pleated skirts for a date on a daytime? You can also jam your cami top with sleek cigarette pants. Go to that extra notch by wearing a belted trench coat. Wear those ear tops and put on those vibrant pumps to give it a proper finishing touch.

Evening Date

Camisoles really shine in the evening. For special occasions like a date or maybe a party, just reach out to your frilliest camisole and pair it with a super-sexy printed pencil skirt. A midi length is preferable as its length makes it look trendier. There is no limit of laces for your cami top. Accessorize this look with a vibrant crossbody bag, strappy heels and dangling earrings.


You can now wear camisole tops at workplace as well. Wonder how? Stick to a simple camisole – which means no lacey edge, sheer fabric, or embroidery – just go for solid colors or delicately printed cami tops. You must put on a chic blazer or cardigan on it as a camisole alone can be too sexy as a workwear. Combine it with a pair of tapered cropped pants and there you go, you white collar lady!

Be It Any Occasion

So the occasion can be any, but your easy, comfy, and breezy camisole will always be your best friend. Now you know it is more than a mere inner-wear. When spring or summer approaches, this innerwear-as-outwear trend becomes alive and then you can wear these all the time. Camisole tops have the potential to become the star of your everyday outfits and make you look trendy and fashionable, if you can pair it with the right pair of clothing and accessories. So now, flood your wardrobe with camisole tops!

Work-out Lingerie: the Absolute Necessities

The most important time when you got to feel comfortable as you struggle to get back to your shape or bring the cuts in right places of your body is when you work out. For an undisturbed smooth workout, you need to have the work-out lingerie – they are the absolute necessities for a successful workout.

Perfect Sport Bras

Normal bras can only reduce the movement down, but a perfectly shaped sport bra is designed to compress and reduce the bounce up and down. Excessive bounce is not related to your cup size – even if your cup size is small, you need a good sport bra. Also, there are different sport bras for different levels of workout – high, medium and low. No matter how much you jump or do yoga and bend to any position, your sport bra will make sure to hold everything in place at every move.

How Much Padding Do You Need?

You can go for no padding or some padding or wholly padded sport bra, depending on your cup size. If you choose padded ones, make sure that they are very comfortable. If you want to go wireless, that is fine, but if you prefer underwire, then make sure you do not feel it. Sport bras with allover cushioning and smooth seams are highly recommended.  The padding should be made of breathable fabric that would keep you cool and dry even during your intensive workout.

How About Straps and Closure?

There is a wide range of straps you can choose from – you can go for classy straps, or may be crossback straps, racerback straps or just openback. Make sure straps should neither be loose nor should they dig in your skin. Go for padded straps to avoid irritation. You can choose closures for your sport bras – there are options of back closure, front close or just pull in. Front closure has a zip that clips the structured cups together with no bounce. Back closure and pull in also fit your cups right.

How About Boyshort Panty?

Boyshort panties are the best during your workout. They go great with your sport bra and you really do not need to wear anything on the panty even if you are in the gym or yoga studio or running around the park. They have scalloped edge and stretched waistband with elastic band covered with a smooth fabric to avoid any irritation. Also, the seamless construction for smooth moving and breathable crotch surface ensure a free range of motion. They come with fine-rib leg hems and are made of breathable fabric that dries quickly to keep you feel comfortable throughout the workout session.

Color Them Up

Choose fresh colors of sport bra and boyshort panty. Black is always sexy, but too common. Why not go for the bright colors? Neon colors are fresh, bright and way too motivating. For your workout lingerie, you must choose positive colors, such as bright blue, pink, yellow, green, etc. Even printed designs are fashionable. Have plenty of workout lingerie so that you can mix and match them and wear them every day without getting bored of the same style, color and pattern.

Choosing the right Lingerie for the “see-through” dress

It is not every day that you wear a see-through dress, but when you wear it, you need to choose the right lingerie for it. There are plenty of seamless undergarments in the market that are without elastic and create the illusion of smooth lines under your see-through dress. You just need to get the right ones for your see-through dress.

Style of Bra

If your see-through dress is smooth-fitting, then you will need a molded-cup bra that will fit on your body without giving any weird impressions through inside. If your see-through dress has a wider neckline, then you must try a demi-cup bra. If your see-through dress is sleeveless, then you must opt for racerback tank or go for a convertible bra. In any case, you must go strapless or if your busts are too heavy, then choose transparent wide straps to keep them out of view.

Style of Briefs

For your bottoms, you must want to avoid any visible panty lines – don’t worry! You have many options to choose from different thongs or boyshorts or any smooth-fitting briefs that look practically invisible. A shapewear also does wonder under your see-through dress as it covers your bottom, giving your waist a beautiful shape at the same time.

Why Not Wear Slips?

Slips are actually meant to be worn to increase the opacity under your see-through dress. There are many different types of slips. Full slips cover you from shoulder to knee while chemises are modified forms of full slips and do a better job under your see-through dress. But half slips are cooler as they cover you down from waist and look great when paired with camisole under your see-through dress.  If you are not too comfortable wearing slips as you think it can be bulky, then go for a bra slip as it will allow you to wear one less layer of garment. Choose strapless slips to look better under see-through dresses.

Colors of Lingerie

Planning for Printed panties??! No, no, no! You cannot go for thorough flower-printed panties or animal-printed bras unless you are willing to show them off from your see-through dress. If you are wearing a black or charcoal gray-colored see-through dress, then opt for a black slip or black bra and brief. Often you have to choose the light colored lingerie that mixes with your skin tone and can barely be visible from your see-through dress. It is better to avoid white lingerie as white stands out and become eye-catching through your see-through dress.

Finally the Fabric

As you choose the style and color of your inner-wear to wear under your see-through dress, you have to pay equal attention to the fabric. Avoid lacy edges as they can create bumps from the inside of the see-through dresses. Also, you have to go smooth and choose soft lingerie so that they do not make you feel uncomfortable. If you get the right lingerie based on style, color and fabric, then you are ready to flaunt your see-through dress with confidence.

Woo your Valentine!!

Valentine’s Day is almost at the corner and are you still daunted for finding the right lingerie to wear on the day? Are you still confused how to get the right lingerie for the special day? Getting something completely out of body type and style can be a sweet invitation to fatal embarrassment – hope this article helps you to get your lingerie right this Valentine’s.

Find the Right Size

The one thumb rule of buying the right lingerie is to get your size right. If you buy something too small or too big, then you will not be in the good books on this Valentine’s. Know your bra cup size accurately and your brief size and then buy the lingerie. Remember if you are buying stockings, get the one that is based on your height as they vary as per different heighted women.

Find the Right Body Type

You already found the right size of lingerie and the right style, but are you still finding it unsuitable for your body type? Yes, that is not uncommon as each body type is different and too tight or too loose at the wrong places of your body can make the lingerie look funny on you. Here are few tips that can help you choose the right body type:

  • If you are tall and slim, you can accentuate your appearance with anything that cuts a line horizontally across the belly, such as garter belts – this helps in drawing eyes to the curves. You also need to get matching underwear and stockings and maybe a bra to complete it.
  • If you are big-breasted and voluptuous, then bring out your cleavage along with the small curve at the waist and flattening the stomach by wearing sexy corsets, paired up with stockings and underwear and joining belts.
  • If you are athletic, then go for a pair of sexy boy shorts that enhances the impression of your perfect-sized butt and add curves to your athletic figure. You can wear it with a corset or garter belt or maybe a bra.
  • If you are really bigger and rounder, then a sexy little negligee can hide the flab of your big tummy or butt easily, and make you look great on your Valentine’s.

Get the Right Color

Black and red are always on the chartbusters. Any body shape or body tone can rely on these colors. But if your skin tone is lighter and you are slim, then you can try a multitude of colors. For darker skin tones, nude colors and light shades go great. If you are voluptuous, avoid white and hide your sins with ever-sexy black.

Finally the Right Fabric

Fabrics matter! It is safe to consider lace, silk, and satin as they are feminine, not too over-the-top and not too wild, but can still make you feel beautiful on the skin. Do not choose cotton, as it is boring. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is daring and it is not easy to find the right size in them. Lycra can be very tight and can cut through your bulges more, so you have to be cautious. Velvet can be very sexy on your skin. Make sure you touch the fabric before you buy it. Finally, you are ready to steam your Valentine up!

Shapewear for that much desired look

You know the feeling of sucking in your stomach by breathing in and being in correct posture – your abdomen looks flatter. Shapewear gives you the same feeling by slightly flattening the area without the constant stress of reminding to suck in your stomach. They do not give you a permanent flat tummy, but for the occasional dresses you like to flaunt in the parties or festivals or other celebrations, shapewear is a must if you want that constant flat tummy whose impression can be well seen from your pretty dress.

How Does Shapewear Work?

Shapewear acts as a tummy tuck. It pushes the abdominal fat inside and compresses your stomach area. If you have too much fat on your abdomen, then it will look smaller in shapewear. It helps you look few inches less than what you actually will look without wearing shapewear. Nowadays, there are many types of shapewears in the market.

Shapewear Brief

This is a high brief with tummy control that comes just below the bra. It has an anti-slip finishing with soft microfiber just like a second skin. Shapewear brief can make your dream of a slim waist and flat tummy come true.

Shapewear Body

This is a smooth, seamless second skin from shoulder to thighs that you can wear under any garment. Along with a flat tummy, it also gives a great cleavage with its underwire cups. No unsightly lines and no bumps or lumps can be seen on the back. You must have this for your body-hugging party gowns.

Shapewear Buttock Control

It is not only about the tummy tuck, but it also produces curvy buttocks by lifting them into shape. It sucks you in and gives you support in all the right places. It gives you a flowing figure with no unsightly lines under tight clothing.

Shapewear Control String

This anti-slip finishing body controller comes just below to the bra and is best to wear under tight trousers and skirts. It gives your figure the perfect sexy look with no bumpy lines near the buttock. It also comes with detachable strings, so it can be worn with any types of dresses.

Shapewear Dress

Whenever you want to flatten your tummy and give your waist a slim shape, but you prefer to stick to your own bra, then just go for shapewear dresses as they are designed to hug you with a perfect fitting and sexier finishing. Its nude and lacy versions are too good to go.

Choose a Good Shapewear

As now you can get that hourglass figure you have always longed for, at the same time, you must remember that the shapewear you choose must be made of breathable fabric so that it can prevent sweat from getting trapped against your skin. A good shapewear will hug your body and not dig inside your skin – otherwise it would hurt you and it can be difficult for you to breathe. It should not interfere your ability of doing daily tasks. A good shapewear will not even remind you that you are wearing one.

Go Wild: Animal Print Lingerie

Gone are the days when animal print was considered to be tacky; it is back in fashion and it has a permanent place now in women’s lingerie. Women love to connect to the whole concept of animal wildness when they wear the animal print lingerie, and they certainly look smoking hot, which is why animal print lingerie has become so popular.

Why Animal Print?

What you wear under your clothes matter just as what you wear on the outside. Certain fabrics make you feel sexier, sensual, bolder, and stronger. If you want to feel sexy, comfortable, and confident, you must choose the right lingerie. It helps you portray a more self-assured side of you when you don it. So when you actually put on the animal print lingerie, your confidence and wildness reflect on you, and you can drive your partner crazy with such wildness!

Leopard Print Bra with Matching Thong

Leopard prints are very popular. Go for a leopard printed, smooth fabricated, lightweight padded, and underwired bra with lacy trim across the top of the cup, finished with a central bow that is the center of attraction. Pair it up with matching thongs with the same leopard print, beautifully styled, soft fabricated, and with gorgeous lace and delicate bows. This combination will surely make your night special.

Snake Printed Lingerie Set

If you are done with enough leopard print, you must also try the snake print ones. They come in glossy pattern and are completely eye-catching. You will get all the attention you want with the snake printed lingerie set – usually includes the matching thongs and at time – a soft cup bra with snake print on it, garter belt, snake-printed G-string and matching stockings. Go for polyester or chiffon quality to get the feel along with the look.

Animal-Face Printed Corset Set

If you think leopard print and snake prints are too common, and you want to make your partner feel different, then provoke him with an animal print top. These are at times printed with full face of a wild animal, adorned with a lot of detailed satin lace work. Try to look for ribbon tie ups at the back to make you look hotter.

Accessories for Your Lingerie

Club your animal-printed lingerie with the right accessories. No it’s not about carrying the whip, but it’s about how you present yourself with that animal wildness look. Club your animal-printed lingerie with matching headpiece with ears that has animal print on it or maybe wear matching arm coverings that are animal-printed too – these would get you best results at night.

What Is Your Take?

So, what is your take on animal prints? Do they catch your eye too? Even if they don’t, this is 100% guarantee that they would catch your partner’s eye for sure. Once you put on the raunchy animal printed lingerie, it will not take longer for your partner to put it off your body. So go for the wildness, go for animal printed lingerie!

5 Must-Have Lingerie Post-delivery

You may not feel the sexiest when you have just delivered your baby; You may be struggling with post-C-section feeling or nagged by those stretch marks. However, when it comes to being sexy, it is more how you feel than how you look. Your partner may not be focused on your tummy, but surely you are. These 5 must-have lingerie are specially designed for those post-delivery days, which will bring your confidence back by reducing your trouble spots and focusing on your assets.

Soft-Cup Bras

For the first few days, you may not want to wear a bra as your breasts are getting used to breastfeeding. But at the same time, you have to keep your confidence up by looking sexy. How can you do that? Go for soft cup bras of higher cup sizes that are made of the most comfortable fabric you can imagine of – but do not own the boring colored ones. They come in different colors and patterns, so choose a size that perfectly uplifts your breasts and are bright red or dark black in color – this will make your breastfeeding days better and hotter. And forget not, there are maternity or nursing bras that help feeding as well!!

Underwire Bra

Go for cute and comfortable underwire bras once your milk supply goes down. You can feel comfortable wearing those underwire lingerie in four to six months post-delivery. The wire not only helps to lift and support the breasts, it also separates and gives shape to your breasts, even during your post-delivery days. Even if you are nursing, your underwear lingerie will not trouble you – it is easy to manage and sexy to look at.

Lace-Up Corsets

If you have stopped breastfeeding and now are more confident in trying something new, then lace-up corset is the thing you must give into. Corsets try to hide the extra baby fat your body still has, which can be totally ignored once you have worn them. The lace always hides any lingering imperfections. The busts fit to the corsets should be big enough to lift your breasts up and out, increasing your fullness and making you feel sexy again!


Worried about those stretch marks and those slightly crinkled skin? There is no need as you have suspenders now. Choose suspenders that give you the feeling of hand woven soft elastic fabric. Go for the one that has wide straps running in a striking cage pattern caressing your waist and at the same time, giving shape to your baby fat. Pair the suspenders with eye-catching soft stockings and surprise your partner.

Shapewear Lingerie

Shapewears make your body look perfect, and your body can look the same if you choose a shapewear lingerie that is made up of super comfortable fabric and still binds on your body and hides even a little flap of skin around the belly post-delivery.

Go for Them!

If you want that jaw-dropping look on your partner by looking at you even during breastfeeding days and other post-delivery days, then you must own these 5 types of lingerie, and make your nights hotter even in between of nursing your newly born.

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